This little flash fiction drabble crawled out of my head a couple days ago… seemed like it might make a good post. Enjoy. 🙂


Until she saw him, she never believed in love at first sight.

Everything about him draws her, makes her heart expand to the size of a harvest moon. There was just such a moon in the sky a year ago, the night before they met. An omen of luck, and ever since she rarely sees him without remembering that huge, golden orb against the midnight blue. The beauty of it echoes the beauty he’s brought her. Who knew mere existence could turn to life so quickly?

She loves everything about him. The way his hair slants across his forehead. The merry mischief in his wide, dark eyes. The wonder with which he approaches everything. She loves that most of all. Through sharing the world with him, familiar things are made new. The taste of chocolate ice cream. The darting grace of a butterfly around the backyard roses. Songs he makes her sing, that she’d thought forgotten long ago. All this and heaven too, she thinks now as she sits with him, his head resting against her shoulder.

She’s humming, an old favorite: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Unlike Dorothy, she doesn’t have to go looking for her heart’s desire. After years of trying, of slowly losing hope, she’s finally found it. Not quite in her own backyard, but close enough.

He’s almost asleep now. She shifts in the chair and begins a verse, rocking gently back and forth, singing her adopted son a lullaby.

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One Response to Beloved

  1. Love the part about the harvest moon, and the twist of an adopted son at the end. That is some pretty writing.

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