Omigawd, So Much To Do…

Busy gearing up for Printers Row Litfest today. A whole weekend of digging through used-book piles, looking for buried treasures… signing and reading and selling my mystery novel at the Mystery Writers of America tent… talking shop/attending panels with fellow authors, including many from MWA Midwest and Sisters in Crime Chicagoland… checking out the latest from our plethora of fantastic local publishers (looking at YOU, Allium Press of Chicago!)… coming home with waaaaaay too many books in my bag, so many I can hardly schlep the damned thing on the “L” train (but who cares? I’m a bookaholic, I admit it!)… Can’t wait to read them all!

Hardbacks–check. Trade paperbacks–check. Postcards with QR code and website address–check. Signing schedule–check. Money, including small bills for the train because the bleedin’ machines don’t give change–check. Sanity–check? Or maybe not…

Printers Row, here I come! Until then, I return my readers to your regularly scheduled lives… unless you happen to live in or near Chicago, in which case, come on by to the fest this weekend. You’ll love it. 🙂

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